A Guide to Epoxy Floor Coatings

Category: Flooring

For industrial and commercial buildings and spaces, no flooring material offers the wide range of benefits and durability as epoxy. When the craftspeople at Houck install an epoxy floor, we make sure it is aesthetically-pleasing and provides you years of reliability. To help you decide if an epoxy flooring system is the right choice for […]

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Houck in the News

Category: Industry News

Repair work started last week. On Monday, crews spread mortar in order to even out the steps. Lawrence Miller, CEO of Stonemore, the company that owns the cemetery, had promised to fix the memorial. He told ABC27 that progress had been stalled for months. Hartman said he felt comfort now that work has started. “For that to be restored, […]

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Why should you have a roof maintenance service program in place?

Category: Roof Maintenance

Besides your employees, your roof and its functionality is one of the most important components of your facility’s operations. Protecting it against damage and deterioration is essential. Unfortunately, the roof can often be the most ignored section of the building when it comes to routine inspections and maintenance. That’s where Houck’s Roof Maintenance Service Agreement comes […]

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Houck is Committed to Equal Opportunity

Category: Employment

Houck is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and does not discriminate against any applicant or employee on the basis of any legally protected trait. Houck will provide reasonable accommodations, as needed, to assist individuals with disabilities in applying.  If you are in need of a reasonable accommodation to apply, please contact Alyssa Murillo at 717-657-3302 ext. […]

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