Industrial Repair Systems

Industrial Repair Systems

You shouldn’t trust your industrial property and buildings to just anyone. Industrial installations require unique and adaptable solutions for concrete, masonry, tuckpointing, flooring repair and caulking application. A contractor that doesn’t have the knowledge or experience in industrial-grade repair systems may not be able to anticipate the severe conditions of your industrial setting.

That’s why the mid-Atlantic community turns to Houck. Our dedicated team of professionals has more than 70 years of experience servicing industrial customers in and around Harrisburg, Lancaster, York, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. We will arrange a site visit, assess your industrial installations and propose the best repair systems by way of a comprehensive estimate. You’ll see that we are committed to being “The Choice… From Floor to Roof” for commercial customers in Central Pennsylvania and the mid-Atlantic region, and we are grateful to have many satisfied clients that can attest to our level of safety, quality and performance.

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We offer major industrial restoration services, such as:

Industrial Masonry Repair

The sheer size and scale of industrial masonry restoration projects can be very challenging for many contractors. We would be happy to highlight some of our successful industrial masonry restoration projects  in order to demonstrate the scope and scale of our work.

Industrial Tuckpointing Repair

While the principals of tuckpointing – removing old mortar and replacing it without removing the bricks or stones – are the same for any type of installation, the materials used in industrial applications must be specifically chosen to suit your building or wall.  Our skilled craftspeople will ensure that the correct tuckpointing application is used to suit your needs.

Industrial Flooring Repair

As with other industrial repair systems, flooring repair for commercial and industrial settings is a very specific and demanding field. Frequent traffic from pedestrians, carts, forklifts and vehicles, along with vibrations and impacts from heavy equipment can put an industrial flooring system to the test. Flooring repairs need to be performed by an experienced professional, and with Houck you can rest assured that your floor was repaired correctly and will last for years to come.

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Industrial Sealant/Caulking Systems

Industrial sealant/caulking systems are used to seal a variety of materials and join two different surfaces to render them impervious to water, moisture and debris. Joining different materials is always a challenge, as a sealant designed for one type of material won’t necessarily adhere to another. At Houck, we apply high-quality, industrial sealant systems designed to make an impenetrable bond that resists the wear and tear of weather, weight and traffic.

Safety. Quality. Performance.

You can trust Houck for all your industrial repair systems. We treat every project as a unique opportunity to apply our experience and expertise to create strong, durable solutions for your structure. Every job follows our commitment to safety, quality and performance. We strive to ensure the safety of you, your employees, your site and our workers, the performance of the materials and repair systems we utilize, and the quality of our solutions and craftsmanship.

Please contact our team today  and let us work with you to find a high-quality industrial repair solution for your facility.

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