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    Where you see a problem, Houck sees a solution. With over 75 years of experience in industrial and commercial restoration projects, our team will sit down with you to understand your needs and propose the best solution. We will provide you with a comprehensive estimate detailing our recommendations.  We can offer you specialized services in masonry restoration, sealant and joint systems, waterproofing, concrete restoration, flooring, roofing and roof maintenance, industrial welding, fabrication and installation, industrial electrical services, and solar panel installation.

    To satisfy our customers, we always focus on:

    • HONOR, HUMILITY and HUMOR at every step of your project
    • Offering personalized service with an attention to detail
    • An efficient use of current methodology and technology

    We are committed to acting with HONOR, HUMILITY, and HUMOR, and will strive to surpass your expectations for safety, quality, and performance.

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    I was very pleased with the outcome and the work performed. I have already contracted your company for more work.

    —Facilities Manager

    Masonry Restoration

    Houck’s masonry restoration services are the result of skilled craftsmanship, attention to detail and an understanding of historic methodology and the application of new technology. Houck’s masonry restoration craftspeople can safely remove, repair, rebuild and repoint all types of deteriorating masonry.

    Our experience is diverse – from simple repairs to complex restoration, including the installation of Dutchmen, structural steel and individual stones weighing tons. We have the experience necessary to address any masonry restoration project, big or small. Our masonry restoration team can restore a structure of any size to its original splendor.

    • Building Envelope Repairs and Protection
    • Brick, Limestone, Precast, Terra Cotta,  Stone Repairs and Replacement
    • Historic Preservation and Restoration
    • Repointing and Caulking
    • Sealant and Waterproofing Systems
    • Building Cleaning Systems
    • Flashing Modifications and Repair
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    Sealant/Joint Systems

    At Houck, our team of experienced sealant professionals specializes in the installation of sealants and joint systems designed to help prevent moisture intrusion and deterioration problems. Our services include:

    • Exterior and Interior Sealants
    • Removal and Replacement of Existing Sealants
    • Window Perimeter and Curtain Wall Joint Sealants  and Re-glazing
    • Tamper-resistant  Security Sealants
    • Fire-rated Sealants
    • Traffic-rated Joint Sealants in Sidewalks and Parking Garages
    • Concrete and Masonry Joint Sealants
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    Waterproofing & Protective Coatings

    Preventing water infiltration into your building is key in avoiding costly damage, degradation and repairs. The Houck team has experience with many different waterproofing systems:

    • Above- and Below-grade Waterproofing (Both Negative and Positive Systems)
    • Interior and Exterior Waterproofing Systems
    • Water-repellant and Damp-proofing Systems
    • Chemically-resistant Containment Systems
    • Aesthetic and Protective Building Exterior Coating and Cleaning Systems
    • Installation of Sealants and Caulking / Joint Systems
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    Concrete Rehabilitation

    Without proper concrete rehabilitation, fractured or deteriorating concrete can compromise structural integrity, pose serious liability issues and create other significant problems. At Houck, our experienced concrete repair technicians carefully review the condition of existing concrete structures and then initiate a system of repair, removal and replacement techniques.

    • Removal, Repair or Replacement of Building Elements
    • Crack Control and Repairs, including Specialty Injection Systems
    • Chemical Corrosion Control and Containment Systems
    • Membrane and Coating Systems for Leak and Moisture Penetration Correction
    • Façade Re-anchoring and Stabilization
    • Balcony, Plaza and Parking Deck Restoration and Repairs
    • Slab Jacking and Resurfacing
    • Aesthetic and Protective Coatings
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    Houck’s trained craftspeople have experience installing a wide range of commercial and industrial seamless and resinous flooring types, as well as restoring and replacing existing industrial floors. We have high-performance options that include:

    • Flooring Systems for Protection, High-traffic Areas, Clean Rooms and Aesthetics
    • Chemical / Corrosion Control and Containment Systems
    • Surface Rehabilitation and Protection
    • Membrane and Coating Systems for Leak and Moisture Penetration and Correction
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    Roofing Systems

    Your roof is designed not only to protect against the environment, but it also plays a critical role in the heating, cooling and energy efficiency of your building. When it comes time to replace your roof, the experienced team at Houck can be trusted to install a quality roof system that will exceed your expectations and look great at the same time. Our specialties include:

    • Single-ply, Built-up and Modified Systems
    • Structural and Architectural Metal
    • Copper, Slate, Tile, Shingles and Steep Slope
    • Coating Systems
    • Green, Garden and Solar Systems
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    Maintenance & Repairs

    As with all other parts of the building envelope, maintenance is a key component to ensuring your roof lasts a long time. This is why we have created our Houck Preventative Roof Maintenance program. We can help you increase the life of your existing roof and save you money by providing the following roof maintenance services:

    • Completing a Roof Survey to Assess the Current State of Your Roof
    • Performing Routine Maintenance on Your Roof as Necessary
    • Taking Care of Snow and Ice Removal to Prevent Damage
    • Providing you with a Comprehensive Report to Keep you Informed of Immediate Concerns, Roof Maintenance Items and Areas to Monitor
    • Keeping a Historical Record so we can Track the Status of Your Roof Over Time
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    Committed to Safety Quality Performance

    Our Commitment to Safety

    A major pillar of our business is SAFETY. The well-being of our employees and customers is paramount, and we apply a SAFETY FIRST attitude to everything we do. Our employees are trained to assess hazards, prevent injuries and spread our culture of SAFETY FIRST. We have been recognized by various organizations (including our insurance carriers, OSHA and the American Subcontractors Association) and our industry peers for our forward-thinking approach to workplace safety.

    Our Commitment to Quality

    QUALITY is another pillar we at Houck have built our foundation on. Every project, be it masonry, concrete, flooring, roofing or one of our other construction specialties, is planned and executed with the highest quality standards in mind. Restorations and repairs are all handled with the same attention to detail. We put our years of expertise and experience into ensuring top-quality results, and we are proud of the quality we build into every project.

    Our Commitment to Performance

    Our third pillar is PERFORMANCE — not only the performance of our employees on the job site, but also of the work we do. High performance is included in every aspect of our work, and that means your project – whether it be masonry restoration, sealant and joint systems, waterproofing, concrete restoration, flooring, roofing or roof maintenance – will meet or exceed your expectations. Utilizing the appropriate materials, current safety practices and modern tools and equipment allows us to build performance into everything we do.

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