Flooring Systems 

Depending on the function of a facility, the type of flooring system is highly important and can sometimes be overlooked. Whether you need a seamless, resinous floor to reduce the spread of contaminants in your facility or a heavy-duty floor system to withstand tire tracks, oil and chemicals in a parking garage or aircraft hanger, Houck has a solution for every type of application.

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When installing or repairing flooring systems, we combine the following factors:


Pedestrian and wheeled traffic (carts, lift trucks, etc.) areas need to have adequate traction and adherence. Trip hazards need to be eliminated, and joints and steps must be smooth and regular. In some cases, your flooring system must be chemical- or moisture-resistant as well. The craftspeople at Houck take safety very seriously, and our dedication to providing the safest conditions possible ensures that your new floor keeps all who use it protected and secure.


A quality floor needs to be installed properly with durable, lasting materials. Only an experienced contractor can ensure your floor is installed correctly and will last for years. We can propose the necessary maintenance to keep your flooring system looking great long after we’ve finished our installation. At Houck, quality is at the forefront of every project we complete.


Your commercial and industrial flooring needs to provide a comfortable surface for your employees and customers to walk and work on. It also needs to look attractive, especially in a commercial setting where appearance is important to your brand and business. At Houck, we understand that comfort and aesthetic appeal are key in selecting the right flooring systems for our customers. A Houck representative will walk you through all of your flooring options, and install a system that matches the look and feel of your location.

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We constantly strive for safety, quality and performance in everything we do. We’ve built our business around these core principles. We apply unique approaches for each of the two types of flooring:


Commercial flooring puts a high value on appearance. Visible to all who visit your structure, your flooring system needs to accentuate your brand image and attract customers. Of course, a commercial flooring system must also resist customer and employee traffic, with an emphasis on safety. We offer many beautiful types of commercial flooring, both seamless and with jointing, depending on your style preference and needs.

We’ll sit down with you and discuss the type of materials and finishes you desire. We have a wide range of choices for all types of commercial buildings and budgets, and will provide you with a comprehensive estimate covering the best solutions possible.

We specialize in the installation and repair of the following flooring materials:

If your current floor is damaged or badly worn, we also provide commercial flooring repair and commercial floor resurfacing to keep your operation working at peak capacity.


Your industrial floor system needs to be extremely resistant. Industrial sites often include a mix of pedestrian and vehicle (forklifts, loaders, etc.) traffic, and the flooring system needs to withstand constant wear. The presence of heavy equipment, vibrations, temperature extremes, impacts, water and chemicals can also make finding the right flooring system a challenge. At Houck, we have extensive experience in industrial flooring, and have a solution for every problem.

In many cases, seamless flooring is best suited to industrial applications. This type of system is easier to keep clean, is virtually maintenance-free and eliminates tripping hazards. It also allows for easy movement of carts, trolleys and lift trucks. With the variety of industrial sites present in Harrisburg, Lancaster, York and the mid-Atlantic region, it’s no surprise we have adapted our industrial flooring and industrial floor restoration services to provide the right solution for every customer.

Whether for a food manufacturing facility, brewery, commercial kitchen or locker room, we look forward to hearing from you today and discussing your particular commercial or industrial flooring project. Houck has built a reputation on customer satisfaction. We look forward to adding you to our growing list of satisfied industrial and commercial customers.

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