Historic Landmark Preservation – Monument Restoration

Historic Landmark Preservation – Monument Restoration

Click HERE to read more about Houck’s historic landmark preservation volunteer project in the Central Penn Business Journal’s Off the Clock section. This volunteer project was done to this historic landmark as a temporary solution to keep rain water off the structure, preventing the furnace from eventually collapsing.

Swatara Furnace

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Swatara Furnace is a historic iron furnace and national historic district located at Pine Grove TownshipSchuylkill County, Pennsylvania. The district includes four contributing buildings and two contributing structure. They are the furnace (1830), stone dam breast (c. 1850), ironmaster’s mansion (c. 1830, c. 1860, c. 1881, and c. 1969), barn (c. 1860), stone foreman’s house (c. 1830), and stone worker’s double house (c. 1830). The limestone furnace measures 29 feet, 7 inches, wide, 29 feet, 8 inches, deep, and 22 feet high.[2]

It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1991.[1]

Restoring Your Monument to Its Full Glory

A monument is a heartfelt reminder of a special person, group or event. Keeping your monuments in excellent condition shows respect and helps ensure the memory will last. At Houck, we have the monument restoration expertise and techniques to restore your monuments back to their original glory. We can restore monuments made of stone, concrete, marble and many other materials. and brick. With care, respect and caution, we return your monument to like-new condition so it can continue to serve as a reminder of the past.

Reversing the Effects of Time

Time can gradually erode your headstones, memorial markers or community monuments. Rain, snow, wind and dirt can render any engravings in your monuments impossible to read. Plants, moss and other growth can deteriorate the structure of the monument. Monuments can also suffer accidental damage or vandalism and require repair to return them to their original state.

In all cases, the team at Houck is proud to offer you monument restoration services. As a leading contractor in the mid-Atlantic region, we can inspect, clean and restore all types and sizes of exterior monuments. We work with care and compassion to bring back the full glory of your monuments.

Our Monument Restoration Services

To meet the needs of our customers, we offer the following monument repair services:

• Righting fallen or dislodged monuments and markers
• Repairing cracked or broken stones and bases
• Removing moss, lichens and vines
• Cleaning and re-etching lettering and texts
• Reattaching plaques, pictures and decorations

We use our expertise as a leading contractor to ensure your monument repairs withstand the elements. At Houck, we believe in safety, quality and performance and we guarantee your satisfaction. We’re proud to provide monument restoration services and will respect your monument as we clean, repair and restore its condition.

Contact our team today for a comprehensive estimate, and we’ll inform you about our monument restoration techniques. We’ll treat your monuments properly and leave them as beautiful as when they were first installed. We look forward to hearing from you, so fill out our contact form or call us today.

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