Historic Landmark Preservation – Monument Restoration

Historic Landmark Preservation – Monument Restoration

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Click HERE to read more about Houck’s historic landmark preservation volunteer project in the Central Penn Business Journal’s Off the Clock section. This volunteer project was done to this historic landmark as a temporary solution to keep rain water off the structure, preventing the furnace from eventually collapsing.

Swatara Furnace

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Swatara Furnace is a historic iron furnace and national historic district located at Pine Grove TownshipSchuylkill County, Pennsylvania. The district includes four contributing buildings and two contributing structure. They are the furnace (1830), stone dam breast (c. 1850), ironmaster’s mansion (c. 1830, c. 1860, c. 1881, and c. 1969), barn (c. 1860), stone foreman’s house (c. 1830), and stone worker’s double house (c. 1830). The limestone furnace measures 29 feet, 7 inches, wide, 29 feet, 8 inches, deep, and 22 feet high.[2]

It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1991.[1]

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