Roof Winterization Tips From Houck

Roof Winterization Tips From Houck

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As fall turns to winter, it becomes important to ensure all aspects of our properties are prepared for the coming cold. We make sure our industrial heating systems are working properly, that our yard plow trucks are serviced and that all windows and doors seal properly. The roof of your building or facility is an essential barrier against the cold and therefore should be a top priority. Simple maintenance and inspection can prepare it for freezing temperatures and harsh winds.

At Houck, we know winters can be brutal. Wind, snow, sleet, ice and cold temperatures can damage a roof and allow heat to escape. If the damage is severe enough, the roof may leak, leading to damage elsewhere in the building. Before winter arrives, we encourage you to sign up for our roof inspection services. We can ensure your roof is equipped for a mid-Atlantic winter.

When to Have a Roof Inspection Performed

Although a roof inspection can be performed spring through fall, we recommend scheduling an inspection in the fall. This is the best way to guarantee your roof is ready for winter. Inspecting early in the year allows time for wind and rain to damage your roof, and waiting until the temperature drops in early winter can render an inspection and any needed repairs too dangerous to perform.

Plan ahead and call us to schedule an inspection so we can ensure your roof is prepared for the coming winter.

What We Include in Our Comprehensive Roof Inspection

Houck is a leading area contractor with experience in commercial and industrial buildings. We adapt our commercial roofing inspection to match the unique design, shape and materials of your industrial property and ensure all roofing materials are properly secured.

We will also inspect the coating system of your industrial property to eliminate cracks or tears susceptible to winter damage and leaks. We verify all  roof penetrations  are sealed and will not allow water or ice to infiltrate your building.

Once we have completed our roof inspection, we prepare a report detailing our findings and recommendations. We outline any problem areas to be addressed before the cold weather hits. We then schedule all necessary repairs and maintenance at your convenience.

At Houck, we value safety, quality and performance. That is why our workers are trained in safety and efficiency. We will ensure you are fully protected from the cold, rain and snow.

Important Areas to Inspect

During our detailed roof inspection, we examine many critical points where damage can escalate if snow and ice accumulate, including:

  • Roof hatches
  • Skylights
  • Drains and vents
  • Access points

Once snow has fallen, it can be difficult to locate these roof features and make repairs. Inspecting prior to the winter season means we can quickly assess the condition of your roof and make any necessary repairs.

This preventative maintenance saves time and money and can help avoid costly damage to your valuable equipment, machinery and your facility’s interior.

Services Included in Roofing Winterization

While every roof is unique, there are some winterization services we perform during every pre-winter service. The goal is to avoid water and snow buildup, since cold temperatures cause freezing that expands and cracks roofing materials and creates costly damage.

To keep snow, water and ice from collecting on your roof and around your property, we perform:

  • Gutter cleaning (removing old leaves and tree debris)
  • Drain cleaning (cleaning and verifying that drains flow properly)
  • Tree trimming (removing branches that can block gutters)
  • Storm drain clearing (to ensure storm water and snow evacuates correctly)

These tasks ensure all water and snow can drain properly instead of accumulating in your gutters and drains. This cleaning also allows us to more closely inspect your roof and assess its condition underneath the build up of leaves, branches and other debris.

Clearing Snow After It Falls

Industrial and commercial roofs are prone to snow and ice accumulation due to their flat or slightly inclined designs. Once snow has built up, our team can come in and clear it for you.

We work safely to remove snow before it has a chance to turn to ice. It is important to remove snow after every significant fall because the accumulation of winter precipitation adds substantial weight to your roof. Too much weight can cause your roof to sag or even collapse. Allow Houck to take care of your roof snow removal and ensure your building and property is protected from the winter elements.

Experience You Can Count On

With over 70 years’ experience, Houck can handle all your roof inspection, maintenance and repair needs. We are the reliable choice from floor to roof. Do not wait until you are under a foot of snow to think about the state of your roof. Instead, let us take care of inspection and maintenance before winter comes so you can spend the cold months enjoying peace of mind.

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