The Best Type of Flooring for Commercial Buildings

The Best Type of Flooring for Commercial Buildings

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Commercial floors see a lot of traffic, wear and abuse. To ensure that the floor in your commercial building or facility can last, you need to choose the right type of flooring and have it installed by a trusted professional. Here at Houck, we have over 70 years experience providing commercial customers in PA with top quality flooring that is built and installed to last. Learn more about commercial flooring so that you can be sure you’re making the right choice for your facility.

More than Appearance

While you do want your commercial floor to look good, there are other factors that go into selecting the right commercial flooring:

  • Wear Resistance: Traffic from people, carts, forklifts and other machines means a sub-standard floor can crack and break
  • Traction: The best commercial floors offer good grip to avoid slipping and sliding
  • Cleaning: An even and unbroken floor surface is easier to keep clean
  • Waterproof: Certain commercial facilities require waterproof flooring to keep spills out of the ground

Having a commercial floor installed or replaced involves disrupting your commercial activities, so you want to choose a trusted professional to do it right. At Houck, we plan all of our commercial flooring projects to minimize your downtime and ensure that you get many years of reliable service from your floor.

Choosing the Right Flooring

Selecting your flooring comes down to understanding how it will be used. We can help you choose the right commercial flooring material from a host of options:

  • Concrete: Poured concrete is the most common flooring for large commercial and industrial spaces that see a lot of heavy machine and equipment traffic. We can polish your concrete for an attractive appearance that reduces the appearance of dirt and marks.
  • Epoxy Floor Coatings: Choose epoxy floor coating for your commercial space if you want a long-lasting and easy-to-clean solution that looks great. You can choose from a range of colors and benefit from stain and water resistance, all in a commercial flooring that requires little maintenance
  • Vinyl: Vinyl flooring is an affordable solution for many low- to medium-traffic commercial spaces such as offices, stores and public buildings. Vinyl is an attractive and resistant flooring option that is easy to coordinate with other parts of your decor
  • Hardwood: Traditional hardwood is an upscale choice that adds class and style to your commercial space. Choose the finish and colors that work best in your space and enjoy the warmth of hardwood to create an inviting atmosphere for your commercial customers and visitors

These are just a few of the top commercial floorings you can choose from when you trust Houck for your commercial flooring project. Our team is committed to Safety, Quality and Performance, so contact us to discover how we’ve become a PA leader in commercial flooring installation and replacement.

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