School campuses require a constant eye to stay free of damage and hazards, and Houck offers that support. We can provide complete care for your school campus, including your buildings, parking garages and outdoor spaces.


If you need building maintenance, structural repairs or a facility renovation for your school, Houck is the specialty contractor for you. We specialize in large-scale commercial construction services and provide tailored services for schools throughout the mid-Atlantic region, including:

  • Campus building repairs: Keeping your school in excellent condition is necessary for preserving your property and providing your students and faculty with structurally sound spaces. Our craftspeople have years of experience making repairs and undertaking major building renovations, and we’ll gladly apply that knowledge to your property.
  • Roof repair and installation: Your roof is one of the most important design features on your campus buildings, and we’ll make sure they stay free of damage and debris. Our team can also upgrade your facility with a new roof in your preferred style and material.
  • Masonry repair and restoration: Schools serve countless generations of students, but building materials degrade over time. If your brick, stone, stucco or other masonry is damaged, worn or deteriorating, we can make seamless repairs or plan and execute a custom rebuild.
  • Attractive waterproof coatings: Our team can give your school roofs and walls protective coatings that prevent damage and extend your building exterior’s lifespan. We know your school always needs to look its best, and we offer a wide selection of coatings that will make sure it does.
  • Building seals and caulking: Our joint sealant and joint repair services will help you maintain a windproof and watertight structure protected against outside elements. All building materials shift, flex, expand and contract, but to different degrees. We know the right sealants to apply for a dependable solution.
  • Campus concrete rehabilitation: If you have concrete surfaces or walls in or outside of your campus buildings, we can repair or maintain them with professional care. Our team uses advanced products to fix concrete cracks before they worsen, which will improve safety, durability and appearance.
  • School campus flooring: Our team can design and install an attractive new flooring system in your locker rooms, cafeteria spaces, hallways and throughout your school buildings. We use products that stand up to high traffic, impacts, moisture and chemicals while adding attractive appeal to the campus.


With Houck as your provider, you can rest assured that you’ll always receive the absolute best service regardless of the job’s complexity. Our team delivers exceptional results every time by focusing on:

  • Safety: We place the highest priority on safety in everything we do, including how we prepare, how we work and what solutions we provide.
  • Quality: The materials we use are rated for each project and approved for use in schools. In addition, our craftspeople are skilled and thorough, looking after the smallest details to ensure quality.
  • Performance: Our team uses the most advanced and innovative products and techniques to ensure your finished project over-delivers and performs better than you could expect.


At Houck, we have more than 70 years of experience serving schools with quality work and superior customer care. Contact us today to learn more about how we can care for your campus. Once you reach out, we’ll provide an all-inclusive estimate that lists our recommended services based on your unique property.

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