If your commercial property needs care, Houck has you covered. We specialize in providing expert commercial construction, restoration and maintenance services throughout Harrisburg and the mid-Atlantic region, which means our team has the experience and resources to meet your needs.


We provide the complete range of services you need to improve your property’s appearance and lifespan, including:

  • Protective coatings: At Houck, we apply attractive and powerful commercial waterproof coatings above and below ground to protect facilities from moisture intrusion. These specialized solutions are designed for use on commercial buildings and industrial facilities.
  • Concrete rehabilitation: Concrete is one of the most robust and versatile building materials available, but it shows wear over time. If your concrete is beginning to crack, chip or show damage, even if it needs complete resurfacing, we’ll restore it to help prolong its structural life.
  • Industrial repairs: If you have industrial facilities, you need a contractor with experience working in the industrial sector. At Houck, we have the skill and expertise to perform major industrial facility repairs. We use materials and methods that will help your business anticipate and overcome the unique conditions and hazards it faces.
  • Masonry restoration: If you notice damage on your walls or foundation, we’ll determine and execute the necessary repairs. We also repair and replace Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS). In many cases, our masons can perform repairs that leave your stones intact thanks to expert tuckpointing techniques.
  • Flooring systems: Commercial flooring takes a lot of abuse. These surfaces need regular care, or they risk becoming safety and liability concerns. We will make sure your spaces for pedestrians and traffic are free of trip hazards, suited to the environment and comfortable for the people using them.
  • Sealants and joint systems: If your building materials start to come apart at the seams, spaces can form and trap moisture, air and debris. The right repair for the job will require the proper materials, and our experts know just what to use. We’ve created long-term solutions engineered to seal gaps.
  • Roofing solutions: We are professional commercial roofing contractors with extensive experience dealing with the challenges unique to our region. From new installations and green roofs to ongoing preventive maintenance and care, our team will provide you with a roof that adds visual appeal and a reliable barrier.


Houck is a family-owned business that has provided more than 70 years of dependable service. With us, you’ll gain the advantage of a firm commitment to:

  • Safety: Before starting any construction, our team will identify all potential hazards posed by the project. We’ll then place effective barriers, put up signage and take any other necessary steps to mitigate those risks.
  • Quality: We use high-grade commercial construction and restoration materials that meet our strict quality standards. When the project is finished, you can depend on us to stand behind our work.
  • Performance: Our services always include advanced construction methods along with the latest developments in technology. As a result, we can make sure your facility retains its target aesthetic and performs beyond expectation.


At Houck, we provide personalized commercial property construction and restoration services to help you overcome all your preservation challenges. We work with facility managers, building managers and property owners throughout the Harrisburg area. Let us know how we can serve you, and we’ll provide you with a comprehensive estimate.

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