How to Select a Contractor for Your Historic Restoration

How to Select a Contractor for Your Historic Restoration

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The restoration of a historic building or monument isn’t the same as restoring any other commercial site. Historic properties present unique challenges and are subject to different guidelines than newer buildings and deserve extra care and attention. Before you choose a contractor for your historic restoration, make sure you have done your homework and found one that you can trust to maintain the integrity and beauty of the original construction.

A Trusted Partner

Not all contractors have the experience or knowledge to tackle historic restorations. It takes an understanding of traditional and modern construction methods alike to provide long-lasting results for your building or landmark. Here at Houck, we inspect your historic construction and carefully plan every step of the restoration to respect the cultural value of your site. We consider important factors such as:

  • State and Federal guidelines for restoring public historical buildings and monuments
  • Traditional materials and construction techniques
  • Advanced ways to build, attach and join for longer durability
  • Protection from the elements to reduce deterioration
  • Requirements for public access during restoration

With over 70 years experience in the business, you can trust us to provide class-leading results for your historic restoration.

Choose Your Contractor Carefully

Before you choose a historic restoration contractor, make sure you have found one that can offer:

  • Examples of previous successful historic restorations
  • An understanding of how to preserve old public buildings, monuments and landmarks
  • Innovative and durable solutions that respect traditional materials and methods
  • A comprehensive estimate before work begins

You will get all of this and more when you choose Houck for your historic renovation project.

Contact Us to Learn More

Are you in the process of selecting a contractor for the restoration of a historic monument or building? Houck is your top choice for quality results and we have the experience to prove it. Our commitment to our clients reflects in everything we do, so contact us to learn more and see examples of the work we have done.

Don’t trust your historic restoration to the lowest bidder or the company that promises to get the job done fastest. Your important historic site deserves the care and attention that only a proven construction and restoration leader can offer. Contact our team today for more information and to obtain a comprehensive quotation.

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