The Pros and Cons of Roof Coating vs. Roof Replacement

The Pros and Cons of Roof Coating vs. Roof Replacement

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When your roof needs repaired, you have to decide whether to recoat it or replace it entirely. To protect your commercial or industrial building, it’s important to ensure the roof is watertight. While both roof coating and roof replacement can restore your roof to like-new condition, there are factors to consider prior to making your decision.

At Houck, we have decades of experience as a leading specialty commercial and industrial building restoration contractor. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will inspect the state of your roof and recommend the best option for your facility.

Trust our experience and reputation to help you understand the different roof restoration options in order to select the right choice for your facility, situation and budget. Start a conversation today!

Roof Coating

Applying a waterproof coating can be a fast and reliable solution to a leaking roof. We can install a variety of coatings that resist water penetration, preventing damage to your facility or equipment. Before choosing a roof coating system, consider the following roof coating benefits and drawbacks:


  • Lower-cost
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Suitable for complex roof designs


  • Doesn’t address structural issues
  • Can require significant prep work
  • Weather-sensitive installation

Roof coating shouldn’t be thought of as a “Band-Aid” solution. When our team installs a roof coating system on a commercial or industrial property, we use quality materials and apply a consistently thick coating to ensure years of reliability. We also prep your roof for added durability. This includes cleaning and removing loose materials for better coating adherence.

With over 70 years of experience in the industry, we know when coating your commercial or industrial roof is the best solution. We stand behind our work and will only recommend a roof coating when we are confident it will eliminate leakage and provide years of reliability and value.

Roof Replacement

Replacing all or part of your facility’s roof can sometimes be the most effective and cost-efficient solution to a leaking roof. At Houck, we’re conscious of the waste generated with re-roofing and only propose this solution when the option of a roof coating system is not suitable. Before creating your comprehensive estimate, we consider the following points:


  • A new roof  can add years to the lifespan of your facility
  • The new roof can add strength to your building
  • We can use green and energy-efficient materials


  • Installing a new roof is more disruptive to operations than applying a coating system
  • It may be necessary to expose portions of your building when removing your old system
  • Mechanical and HVAC installations on your roof can complicate re-roofing

The recommendation to replace your roof isn’t one we make casually. Our team of craftspeople will inspect your roof and locate the weaknesses and leaks. Once we have assessed your roof, we will determine if replacing your roof is the best solution and provide a comprehensive estimate. We can also recommend additional insulation and green materials for improved heating and cooling benefits.

Is There a Right Roofing Solution?

Roof coating and roof replacement are both suitable solutions for roofing leak problems and provide their own benefits. At Houck, we use our decades of experience to determine which type of roofing repair is best suited to your situation. In all cases, we ensure that safety, quality and performance are part of every roofing project. Contact us today to discuss the current state of your roof.

Are you already experiencing leaks, or are you worried your roof may soon require attention? Have you discovered issues during a routine inspection, or suffered damage from a storm? Houck is your top choice for commercial and industrial facility roofing repairs in the mid-Atlantic region. Contact us today for a comprehensive roof evaluation.

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