How to Select a Contractor for Joint Sealants & Caulking and Joint Systems

How to Select a Contractor for Joint Sealants & Caulking and Joint Systems

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How your construction materials are joined is as important as the materials themselves. Even the longest-lasting and most wear-resistant construction materials won’t last if the joints are not solid and allow dirt, moisture and water to penetrate. Once a joint has been breached, it’s only a matter of time before your materials work loose and your floor, wall, ceiling or other joined surface starts to fail. To avoid these costly problems, choose a trusted joint sealant contractor like Houck to take care of all of your commercial joint sealing and caulking needs.

From Original Installation to Emergency Repairs

With over 70 years in the business, Houck has the experience you can count on. We cover the construction and renovation needs of customers all over PA and understand the importance of quality joint systems. Our dedicated team will study your project and propose the right sealing and joining solution for your:

  • New commercial construction: We choose our joining methods based on the nature of your construction materials and where they are being installed.
  • Additions and upgrades: We will select joining systems that suit both your existing installations and all new construction materials being added.
  • Complete renovations and restorations: If your old joining systems have failed, we can remove the problem materials and replace them with better-quality caulks and joint sealants
  • Emergency repairs: For damaged or failing joints and materials, we get in quickly to secure the area and make repairs to avoid further damage

Not All Joining Systems Are Created Equal

The type of joining sealant you choose depends on the types of materials you are joining and how they will be used:

  • Solid: Some joint systems need to be rigid and solid to resist movement, such as vertical wall materials and horizontal ceiling materials.
  • Flexible: Certain uses require a flexible joint that absorbs movement without cracking, including flooring and roofing materials.
  • Heat and moisture resistant: Joints that are exposed to heat, cold and moisture need to be resistant to environmental factors.
  • Clean: Certain industrial and commercial applications demand high cleanliness standards and a joint system that does not flake or create dust and particles.

Thanks to our experience at Houck, our team will create a comprehensive estimate for your commercial joining project and offer the right solution for your application. We never leave anything up to chance and are committed to safety, quality and performance at every step of your project. Contact us today to learn more about how we operate as the leading PA caulking joint system contractor. We can handle any size of commercial project and can share many examples of the quality work we have done in your area.

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