If you own or manage a commercial property in York, we can help you keep it in excellent condition. Houck is the reliable choice for commercial restoration, repair and construction services throughout the region, and we’re committed to delivering results that exceed your expectations every time.


At Houck, we provide the full range of specialized services you need to preserve, repair and restore your commercial and industrial building envelopes, including:

  • Joint sealing: If you have separations between the seams of your building materials, our experts can provide you with an effective seal against wind, moisture and outside debris. We’ll use the right product for the job, ensuring the best results for a lasting hold.
  • Industrial repairs: Our team has extensive experience providing facility managers, building managers and property owners in the industrial sector with specialized repair services. We use materials designed to handle your demanding industrial environments and rated safe for your applications.
  • Protective coatings: In commercial construction, you need durable protective coatings. If your exterior coating layers are inadequate or wearing thin, the issue may cause leaks or trap moisture, triggering a long list of bigger problems. We’ll recommend and apply an appropriate waterproof coating that lasts.
  • Flooring systems: We know how important it is for your flooring to fulfill your specific requirements. That’s why we offer multiple solutions for high-traffic commercial properties and industrial buildings. A number of these systems are designed to handle corrosive chemicals, heavy impacts and other elements common in such facilities.
  • Masonry restoration: Our craftspeople can repair your brick, limestone, terra cotta, precast or other stone surfaces to like-new condition. We can handle anything up to and including a complete rebuild. We even provide specialized services for historic preservation and antique restoration.
  • Commercial roofing: We offer comprehensive commercial roofing services, covering everything from small leak repair to the design and installation of entirely new roofing using advanced construction materials, including green solutions. We can also take care of your ongoing preventive maintenance.
  • Concrete rehabilitation: At Houck, we can take care of the complete repair, replacement or removal of all your concrete surfaces, including parking garages, balconies, plazas and decorative elements. Our rehabilitation services include crack filling, slab jacking, corrosion control, damage repair and resurfacing.


We provide personalized services throughout the mid-Atlantic region and have for more than 70 years. We’re your local source for maintaining the appearance and functionality of your commercial and industrial properties. With Houck, you’ll always know what to expect, and we meet our customer satisfaction commitment by paying close attention to:

  • Safety: We emphasize safety in everything we do, so you can expect us to take every step we can to mitigate risks and protect your people.
  • Quality: We use only the highest quality commercial construction materials and select products rated for the job at hand.
  • Performance: We adopt the latest design technologies and apply advanced techniques for maximum performance.


If your facility needs repairs, restorative work or improvements, send us a quick message. We’ll gladly help you overcome facility challenges after providing a comprehensive estimate.

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