Houck is the established regional leader for commercial construction services in Carlisle. We provide an extensive range of maintenance, repair and rehabilitation services that can help you take care of your property from floor to roof. Our team will overcome any unique challenges you face and help you maintain and prolong your commercial facility’s lifespan.


From floor to ceiling, we specialize in taking on the toughest jobs. We perform an extensive range of commercial construction services in Carlisle, PA, and throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, including:

  • Waterproofing and protective coatings: Our team can apply specialized protective coatings to your building exterior and roof for added defense against water entry. We will ensure your entire structure is protected and channel collected water away from your foundation to prevent damage and eliminate surface pooling.
  • Commercial flooring systems: We can repair your floors to restore their appearance, extend their longevity and eliminate hazards. Our flooring services also include installation of a wide range of commercial flooring systems, including high-traffic and -impact floors, chemical-resistant surfaces and aesthetically pleasing customer- and visitor-facing solutions.
  • Roofing installation and repairs: Our team can perform any roof repair on your commercial or industrial roof, providing regular maintenance to help it last much longer. As the leading source for commercial construction in Carlisle, we also install new commercial roofs using a wide variety of attractive, high-performance materials.
  • Commercial concrete rehabilitation: If you have concrete surfaces installed in your facility, we’ll keep them clean, safe and free of damage with products and methods designed for demanding commercial and industrial environments. We can also provide you with an upgraded solution by installing a completely new floor using attractive materials.
  • Structural joint sealing: If you have gaps between the materials keeping your buildings together, we’ll restore your seals to keep the elements out. Our team specializes in serving the commercial and industrial sectors, so we use professional techniques and the appropriate products to ensure the right amount of flex. You can expect a tight and lasting bond season after season.
  • Industrial building repair: Buildings made for the industrial sector require repairs from industrial providers. These structures use specialized materials designed to withstand chemical, corrosive and other hazardous environments. At Houck, we have over seven decades of experience delivering tailored services for industrial environments.
  • Masonry repair and restoration: If your walls or foundation are damaged or need rehabilitation, Houck will have you covered. Our craftspeople have experience working with an extensive range of materials, including brick, Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS), stucco, limestone and others. We can repair your facility or perform a complete restoration or rebuild using modern solutions you’re sure to love.


We take a comprehensive approach to every project, always applying the same superior dedication to:

  • Safety: Safety is our number-one focus, and it affects how we prepare our work areas and which techniques we use on the job.
  • Quality: We use top-quality materials and expert installation methods to provide the optimal finished product.
  • Performance: Our team uses the most advanced equipment and materials on the market to deliver serious advantages.


If your facility needs maintenance, repairs or an upgrade, send us a message online. We’ll set up a consultation to talk about what you need and create an estimate outlining our solutions.

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