Sealant/Joint Systems

Joint Sealants/Caulking and Joint Systems  

Joint sealant and joint repair is an important part of any commercial building, facility or installation. They are designed to join two different materials or surfaces, and control wind, water, moisture and debris entry or accumulation.

At Houck, we have years of experience in joint sealants/caulking and joint systems, and we know exactly which method and material to apply. In some cases, you need a flexible joint with some give, while at other times something more firm and solid is required to resist damage. We will assess your commercial sealant installation and propose the best solution every time, taking into account three important factors that reinforce one of our mottos: Safety. Quality. Performance.

As a trusted name in joint sealants/caulking and joint systems based in Harrisburg and servicing Lancaster, York and the mid-Atlantic region, Houck will take care of the three major areas of joining:

Commercial Joint Sealants 

Not all contractors are equipped to repair commercial joint sealants and joint systems. Commercial buildings, facilities, and surfaces require special care and attention with respect to durability and installation.

Houck has the commercial caulking expertise to tackle even the most complicated and difficult jobs, and can propose solutions for every set of caulking requirements. We propose long-term, high-quality solutions and provide comprehensive estimates to give you the information you need to make an informed choice.

Industrial Caulking Repair

Industrial caulking repair presents its own challenges. Many industrial facilities and installations must adhere to specific requirements and rules concerning joint sealants and caulking, and need to be treated with extra care and safety to ensure compliance with regulations. We always stand behind our work, and strive to make our customers happy.

Testimonials from our customers are proof of the effort we put into each and every caulking job we do in and around Harrisburg, Lancaster, York and the mid-Atlantic region.

Commercial Expansion Joint Repair

Expansion joints allow expansion and contraction between two different surfaces or materials. This obviously puts a large degree of stress on the joint, especially in large, heavy-duty commercial applications.

As “The Choice” in commercial expansion joint repair, the team at Houck will inspect your commercial installation and propose the best joint sealant repair solutions. All around Harrisburg, Lancaster, York and the mid-Atlantic region, you’ll find satisfied Houck customers, and we have the testimonials to prove it.

Your commercial property deserves personalized care and expert attention. Don’t let broken, cracked or missing joint sealants and joint system problems persist. Small issues become big ones. That’s when a quick repair turns into a major one. Give us a call or contact us online today and we’ll work closely with you to get you the joint sealant, caulking and joint system you need to maintain your facilities and prolong the life of your buildings and installations.

When you trust your commercial repairs and installations to Houck, you get class-leading service and value, plus a company that stands behind every job even after the work is done. We look forward to proving ourselves to you.

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