If your warehouse gets damaged or begins to deteriorate, you’ll face the risk of growing issues and increasing costs until you get it repaired. When you partner with Houck, we’ll keep an eye on things for you. We specialize in updating and maintaining warehouses to keep these buildings in optimal condition.


At Houck, we possess the skill and experience to tackle jobs of any size, then deliver results that exceed your expectations. We have more than 70 years of experience working on warehouses spanning multiple industries, providing a wide range of specialized warehouse services that cover:

  • Masonry rehabilitation: Masonry is one of the most durable materials used in warehouse construction, but these materials wear down over time. If your bricks, mortar, stone or other masonry gets damaged, comes loose or looks outdated, we can restore it to improve your building’s appearance and extend its structural life.
  • Building repairs: A warehouse is an industrial facility. When these buildings get damaged, they require a trained approach that uses the right techniques and industrial-grade materials. We are the region’s trusted industrial repair provider and can maintain warehouses made from top-quality materials in virtually any design or layout.
  • Roofing care: Our team can perform lasting repairs on any warehouse roof. We also offer ongoing maintenance to spot the signs of trouble early and keep your roof in excellent condition. If you would like to update your warehouse roof, we’ll install new systems using the modern materials you choose from our extensive selection.
  • Caulking and sealants: Buildings shift, and seals deteriorate over time. Our team will evaluate your entire structure to find and seal gaps, protecting your facility from the elements using durable sealants made for the application. We’ll clean and remove any old sealants and use products that allow for natural expansion and contraction.
  • Facility waterproofing: Our team will keep your products, equipment and raw materials dry with complete facility waterproofing solutions. We can apply protective waterproof coatings to your entire structure and roof to prevent leaks and eliminate pooling. What’s more, these products are attractive and will give your facility a boosted aesthetic appeal.
  • Flooring installation: Warehouse floors need to support everything from large shelving systems to foot traffic and heavy equipment. They also have to look presentable and remain safe to limit hazards and reduce your liability. If your floors are damaged or outdated, we can install a new warehouse floor using attractive, industrial-strength materials.
  • Concrete restoration: Concrete and warehouses go together, but concrete is only semi-permanent. Surfaces and structures made from poured concrete will eventually shift and crack, opening the door for further damage, presenting safety hazards and diminishing the area’s visual appeal. Houck craftspeople can handle any concrete repair or rehabilitate your entire space.


With Houck, you’ll get service from an established provider with more than 70 years of experience. We stand behind our work 100% and place a constant focus on:

  • Quality: We employ quality materials designed for warehouse use.
  • Safety: Our team is committed to providing a safe environment for every individual in the space.
  • Performance: Houck solutions offer the highest level of performance.


If your warehouse needs an update or you’re interested in scheduling maintenance, reach out to us now. We’ll help you select the right products and services, then give you a comprehensive estimate you can trust.

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