Aging High School Roof Restored

Aging High School Roof Restored

Roof Restoration/Coating Project — Pennsylvania


Cedar Cliff High School in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania was dealing with some roof issues including ponding water and minor leaks. The PVC roof was nearing the end of its service life, so the school consulted with Weatherproofing Technologies, Inc. (WTI) to help them decide what to do with the roof.
After examining the existing condition of the roof, the WTI team determined that it was a candidate for a roof restoration using Tremco Roofing’s fluid-applied roofing system, AlphaGuard MTS. They put the project up for bid and Houck was awarded the project.


Preparing for restoration

“WTI had performed thermal scans of the roof during their examination to determine if there were any areas under the existing PVC membrane that were wet,” explained Houck Project Manager Jason Harris. “We had to remove and replace wet insulation in multiple small areas, totaling about 1200 square feet.”
The Houck team also installed 13 new drains and lowered the remaining ones to help eliminate the ponding water issues on the roof. Once the prep work and repairs were completed, the next step was to clean the existing roof.

“We utilized WTI’s RoofTec cleaning service to perform the final cleaning of the roof surface,” said Jason. The RoofTec system is a non-abrasive cleaning method that removes dirt, mold and mildew without the damaging effects that power washers can cause.

Environmentally friendly

“Once we loaded our materials onto the roof, we started the installation by applying a coat of primer, followed by a base coat,” Jason explained. “Then our crews installed polyester reinforcing Permafab into the base coat, which we let cure for a couple of days. Once it was cured, our crews were able to apply the final finish coating, resulting in a new white, reflective cool roof for the school.”

The system installed will provide the school with outstanding weatherproofing to keep the students, teachers and facility dry. It’s easy to maintain and repair, performs well during the cold winter months and resists hails, mold, mildew and fungus.

Not only will the school benefit from the energy efficiency of the new roofing system, but they can enjoy the knowledge that by restoring their 47,000-square-foot roof, they were able to divert trash from the landfill and save on costs that would normally be associated with a tear off.

Now Cedar Cliff High School is back to school with no leaks and a peace of mind knowing their building’s roof is restored and protected by a 20-year Tremco warranty.

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