If you manage or own commercial or industrial buildings in Hagerstown, Houck is your local partner for maintenance, repair and renovation services. We specialize in providing custom solutions for the toughest architectural preservation projects, and our team will develop a personalized plan molded by your requirements.


At Houck, we work on virtually all commercial property types, providing repair and restoration of modern structures and preserving historic sites. Our craftspeople can undertake jobs ranging from the simple to the complex, and they specialize in:

  • Sealing building joints and seams: Houck craftspeople can apply interior and exterior joint sealants that bond your building’s seams and protect against the elements.
  • Restoring masonry and foundations: Our masonry restoration services include everything from fixing small cracks to providing rebuilds of degraded walls and foundations.
  • Installing and repairing floor systems: We can fix cracks, apply coatings, improve traction or put a completely new floor down, adhering to your material choices and specifications along the way.
  • Restoring concrete surfaces: Regardless of the job’s size or complexity, our team can repair and restore commercial concrete for improved appearance and increased longevity.
  • Repairing industrial buildings: With extensive experience working with industrial-grade products and methods, Houck is the top choice for industrial building repair from floor to roof.
  • Repairing and installing roofs: We can fix commercial roofs of any style and makeup or install a new roof that complements your building and performs beyond your expectations.
  • Applying protective coatings: At your request, we’ll waterproof your commercial or industrial building and roofs to lock moisture out and channel it away from your structure to prevent infiltration.


At Houck, we have a long history of serving the commercial sector throughout the mid-Atlantic region. Our team possesses the skills, resources and expertise to solve your unique building preservation challenges. When you partner with us, you’ll gain a provider that’s 100% committed to your complete satisfaction and wholly dedicated to:

  • Safety: Safety is our number one priority, and it’s the foundation for everything we do. Our team will ensure complete safety in the workspace, protecting your employees and visitors throughout the construction process. They’ll also implement all necessary precautions to reduce hazards and keep the project on schedule.
  • Quality: We use only the highest quality materials in our maintenance, repair and restoration work. Whether they’re focused on a small repair or a significant building overhaul, our craftspeople pay close attention to the details, using proven application and installation techniques to ensure lasting results.
  • Performance: While we have an established history of success, we’re always looking toward the future. We stay ahead of industry trends to source materials that deliver the highest performance, and we’re quick to adopt the latest tools and techniques to help customers get the most from every project.


If you need commercial construction in Hagerstown or want to talk about repairing, restoring or rehabilitating your structures, send us a message. We’ll let you know what we can do to handle your unique challenges and give you a detailed estimate that outlines that plan.

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